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your one-stop destination for top-quality fasteners and hardware solutions. Explore our extensive range of screws, bolts, thread bars, and more, crafted to meet the highest industry standards. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, find the perfect fastening solution for your needs.

Our Product Categories:


Discover a comprehensive selection of screws designed for various applications. From wood screws to self-tapping screws, our inventory ensures you have the right screws for every project. Choose durability and precision with our range of high-grade screws.


Explore our diverse range of bolts, including alignment key bolts, stainless steel bolts, and mild steel bolts. Our bolts are engineered for strength and reliability, ensuring a secure and lasting connection in any application.

Thread Bars:

Find thread bars that meet your specifications in our collection. Whether you need stainless steel thread bars or mild steel options, our products are crafted to deliver exceptional performance. Achieve structural stability with our quality thread bars.

Stainless Steel (SS) Bolts & Nuts:

Upgrade your fastening solutions with our premium stainless steel bolts and nuts. Resistant to corrosion and built to withstand challenging environments, our SS bolts and nuts provide a reliable and polished finish to your projects.

Stainless Steel Thread Bar:

Choose from our selection of stainless steel thread bars known for their corrosion resistance and durability. Perfect for applications where strength and longevity are paramount, our SS thread bars ensure a secure and lasting connection.

Stainless Steel (SS) Screws in 316 Grade:

Experience the highest quality with our SS screws in 316 grade. These screws are specifically designed to resist corrosion, making them ideal for marine and other demanding environments. Elevate your projects with our premium SS screws.

Hose Clips:

Ensure secure connections with our range of hose clips. From traditional worm gear clips to quick-release hose clamps, our hose clips provide reliable fastening solutions for various hose sizes and materials.

Rubber Clamps:

Explore our rubber clamps designed to securely hold and organize cables, pipes, and other components. Our rubber clamps offer excellent shock absorption and are resistant to vibrations, providing a reliable and versatile fastening solution.

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